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TeeLess Driver

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TeeLess Driver

You don’t need to change your swing!

You hit your irons pretty consistently, but that swing doesn’t work with your driver or 3-wood. So how about finding a driver that works with your IRON SWING? Yes, one you can use right off the tee OR THE FAIRWAY!

Lots of clubs have claimed a lot of things, but we haven’t found one that actually did what this one does. Hard to believe that you can launch a club higher and straighter than your 3-wood and longer than your driver, right? It can’t possibly exist can it?

Well it didn’t…that is

Until now!

Oh man is this exciting and we cannot wait to show it to you. But you might be wondering…

“Hold on a minute, I play a top-of-the-line driver and 3-wood. I see tons of pros playing them on TV every week.”

You know the top players on Tour play clubs that were designed specifically for them, not you!

why is it that amateur golfers play clubs designed for pros?

Doesn’t make sense, does it? But up until now, you haven’t had many options. You thought you were doing the right thing.

Problem is if you have a big name Driver or 3-wood in your bag, you’re playing THE WRONG CLUBS!

And it’s totally sabotaging your game.


It’s simple science.

You probably have a swing speed under 100 MPH and drive the ball less than 260 yards. The average PGA Tour Player has a swing speed of more than 114 MPH and drives the ball 295 yards (and that’s just the average Tour player, the best players drive the ball more than 315 yards). It’s really not your fault you don’t hit it well, your swing speed just isn’t the same as those great players.

So, most likely you suffer with some or many of poor results:

  • Weak drives that just don’t have any “Pop”
  • Tee shots into the rough, trees, water and worse
  • Chunks or fat shots with your 3-wood
  • Low-flying, weak slices or pulls
  • Making a good swing but getting terrible results

It’s SO frustrating you might have been tempted to quit the game!

But there’s good news!

You can kiss your troubles goodbye thanks to one incredible new club!

Award winning industry veterans Guerin Rife and Jeff Sheets specifically conceived of and designed this baby just for you, not for Tour pros. For your game, your swing, your clubhead speed. You’ll know the very FIRST time you hit it, this will be YOUR favorite club…heck, it might even replace BOTH your driver and your 3-wood! It’s that good!


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