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Favorite Links for Hickory Golfers

There are numerous websites of general interest to the hickory golfer. Gathered here are a few you may enjoy. Should you know of others that should be listed here, by all means let us know. Send the information and link to Chip Pepitone.

Hickory Golf Information

AuldGolfer.com – This site is from auld golf guru Chris McIntyre. You’ll find club maintenance techniques in video format, a wonderful list of historical books available as e-books, a blog, and additional perspective on authentic golf from early days.

Hickorygolf.com – This site was created by Ralph Livingston III, a founding member of the Society of Hickory Golfers. It is now maintained by Chris McIntyre. Much of Livingston’s original information on club selection, maintenance, and repair can still be found here.

The Hickory Golf Association – Devoted to helping more golfers enjoy the game of hickory golf. A strong charitable and business partnership component.

The Hickory Golfer – Website created by SoHG member Roger Brinkley. (Good info but last entry was in 2014.)

Hickory Golf Hub – Social website devoted to hickory golf. Offered by SoHG members Richard and Kathy Bullock.


Links of Interest to Hickory Golfers/Golf Collectors

Fine Golf – Lorne Smith shares information about golf courses that deliver that “joy to be alive” feeling and the traditional running game. Focus is on U.K. A website, with features, blogs and book reviews. Regular e-newsletter.

Golf Antiques – This site by Eugene Farrelly of the U.K. offers info on clubs, books, postcards, and prints. He also works on clubs for U.K. players and collectors.

Golf for All Ages – This site is run by Chuck Furjanic, the well-known value guide author. You will find a variety of golf gifts, auction information, antique clubs, and other golf collectible info.

Olde Philadephia Golf Shop – This site run by John Hoch links to his shop in Philadelphia where he offers all sorts of goodies from hickories, to balls, books, art, old bags, medals, etc.

Senior Golf Insider – A new site devoted to the senior golfer. Not specifically hickory golf, but nonetheless interesting for Jim Achenbach’s insights into the senior game.


Golf History

Alexander H. Findlay – Devoted to information on the history of this early American golf pioneer, with much research on the courses that Findlay designed.

The British Golf Museum – Where better to find out about golf than in St. Andrews, the home of golf. Using diverse displays and exciting interactives, the museum tells the story of British golf from its origins in the middle ages to the present day.

Golf Club Atlas – Commentry on the world’s finest courses by Ran Morrissett. Information on golf course design, architects and history.

Golf Historian – David Joy – Historian David Joy brings golf history to life through his website. Info on golf ball history, courses in Fife, and the Morris family.

Historic golf rules – Want to know the rules of golf for a certain period? This site will tell you all! A magnificent compendium by John Hutchinson.

North Berwick Golf History – Site with great info on early golf pioneers from this area of Scotland.

Persimmon Golf Today – “A place to discuss the merits, challenges, and joys of traditional golf in the modern age.”

Scottish Golf History – This wonderful site was created by Neil Laird and is organized for easy reference and research.

World Golf Village – And the World Golf Hall of Fame which “serves as a steward of the game through engaging, interactive storytelling and exhibitions featuring artifacts, works of art, audio, video, and photography significant to the history of golf and its members.”


National Sites – multilingual sites from other countries

Finnish website – Even those who don’t know Finnish can admire the magnificent pictures.

German Hickory Golf Society – The site is in German, but it is fun to visit and get an idea of the activity going on in this great country.

Golf Links Sweden – A bilingual site (check the union flag in the top right corner for the English version). Watch the video, even though the commentary is Swedish.


Premier Hickory Golf Tournaments

National Hickory Championship – Results and information on this 20-year-old classic pre-1900 event.

The Onion Creek Hickory Classic – News and information about this established hickory event in Austin, Texas.

U.S. Professional Hickory Golf Championship – Site devoted to the only hickory golf championship in the U.S. for professional golfers. Created and organized by Mike Stevens of Tampa, Fla.

World Hickory Open – News, results, and information.


Other Societies

The Australian Golf Heritage Society – Encourages the collection, research, recording, and preservation of golf history in Australia. Info on hickory golf events, museum, members forum, news, and articles.

The James Braid Golfing Society – The James Braid Golfing Society is dedicated to the memory and spirit of James Braid. It upholds the essential traditions and values of the game and aims to pass them on to future generations.

British Golf Collectors Society – The British Golf Collectors Society, founded in 1987, promotes interest in the history and traditions of golf.

Golf Collectors Society – The Golf Collectors Society (USA) is an international organization dedicated to preserving golf’s treasures and traditions.

Golf Historical Society of Canada – Information on hickory clubs, Canadian hickory golf events, history, and resources.

European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors – Promotes the history and heritage of golf in Europe.

The Donald Ross Society – Formed in 1989 by a dedicated group of golf course architecture enthusiasts to honor the memory of golf courses of the pre-eminent Scottish golf course architect Donald J. Ross and to help preserve the character and tradition of the courses he designed.

The R&A – Golf’s original rule-making body with information on championships, equipment, history and other good stuff.

Shivas Irons Society  – Based on the book Golf in the Kingdom, the SIS is devoted to exploring the mystical and transformative properties of golf.

Stanley Thompson Society – The Stanley Thompson Society was founded in 1998 to research, record, and publicize the life and works of Canada’s Stanley Thompson (1893-1953). Thompson was one of the world’s leading golf course architects. His main work spanned the 1920s to the early 1950s.

The Tillinghast Association – Shares with fellow golfers A. W. Tillinghast’s historical perspective and vision on golf.

The Walking Golfer  – A site devoted to the benefits of walking when golfing. Walkability ratings and course reviews, interviews, blog and information on Walking Golfer outings at various courses around the country.


Travel and Vacations

Haversham & Baker – Golfing expeditions dedicated to the best possible golf travel experiences.

Morton Golf Holidays – Golf vacations in Scotland.

Wilkinson Travel Services – Golf tours and vacations to the U.K.

World Travel – A U.S. travel agency with special ties to hickory golf. Mention SoHG when you contact them for premium service.