Please do not send any suggestions for new product or marketing ideas to us. Golf Pro Warehouse maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research and development. Researching new technologies, incorporating the new technologies into products, and developing marketing strategies for our products may take several years. We strive to avoid any misunderstandings that could arise if a product or marketing strategy bears even a superficial resemblance to an idea that was submitted on an unsolicited basis to Golf Pro Warehouse during the development process. For this reason, Golf Pro Warehouse has adopted a very strict policy of not accepting unsolicited product and/or marketing ideas, including unpatented technologies and marketing plans. Any such materials submitted will not be reviewed.

To submit any products for inclusion in our catalog, you must go by the following process:

Send a written description along with photos of your product to:

Golf Pro Warehouse
Dr Chip Pepitone – R&D
6 Robin Drive
Anderson, South Carolina 29626-5353

NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Once your product has been reviewed, then you will receive a phone call and we will set up an appointment for further product review and demonstration of your product.


DO NOT call with solicitation of services, we have everything covered with our website and our IT services.  Unsolicited phone calls will be charged
$75 per phone call.  We do NOT accept solicitation phone calls to our toll free phone number, nor do we accept phone calls to our business office.